in pursuit of all that is good and worth fighting for

San Francisco-based technologist. I love backing founders early and supporting them for years to come.

To date:
• Venture Partner at Ridge, an early-stage venture firm investing in experienced founders building enterprise software and developer tools
• Partner at On Deck‘s ODX, investing in the world’s most talented, ambitious founders
• Principal at Bloomberg Beta, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on the future of work — where I invested in machine learning, enterprise software, and robotics

I believe in a techno-optimistic future — that technology enables step changes in human agency. If you’re building something to accelerate our societal and cultural progress, reach me here and join the community for builders here.

In a nutshell
I write here about startups, venture capital, and the impact of technology on society. I share a subset of these posts more broadly on my Substack or Medium. I’ve been creating online for over a decade and love experimenting with mediums — short-form audio/video, podcasts, live demos to explore how we use and embed technology into our day-to-day.

In my spare time, you can find me building communities, curating my information diet, and chasing type two fun.

I enjoy:
💭 big, random ideas
📖 reading
💬 quality conversation

Snippets of my work elsewhere:
🎙️ Industrial Progress, Immigration, and the American Dream (Narratives podcast)
🎙️ Techno-optimism and building community (The Deep End podcast)
🦾 Robotics Showcase — 19 of the year’s most exciting robotics and AI startups
💼 Remote work (TechCrunch)
💸 Getting into venture, developing a thesis (podcast), supporting founders (podcast)
🎉 Advice on startups and career building (full site here)

Reach me:
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🐥 Twitter
💼 LinkedIn
✍️ Substack
📸 Instagram
✌️ AngelList