Understanding Our Value

A bit off the beaten path for topics on this blog, but it’s an educational tidbit worth sharing:

Today is National Equal Pay Day, a day to raise awareness on how far women have come (and have yet to come) in gaining fiscal fairness in the workplace. There’s still a long way to go to achieve parity, but it’s important to celebrate and shed light on the concerted effort to get there.

From Ellen Pao to Patricia Arquette to Chelsea Clinton, women are speaking up more than ever because there’s evidence that women are both underappreciated and underselling themselves. This is detrimental to both men and women alike in the workplace as it poses several Catch-22’s. Sometimes, it’s as simple as educating ourselves of the challenges both men and women face so that men can be advocates and women can learn to speak up more. Levo League is a community intended for the modern career woman, but its professional advice and #Ask4More, #Good4Her campaigns apply to all.

Candid and honest conversation are vital to help each other be better advocates, negotiators, and employees. Yes, women should have each others’ backs, but more over, we should all be supporting each other in the pursuit of understanding and achieving our maximum value potential. Nah mean? 🙂
In spirit of girl power,

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